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The weather graphs for today:

Today's weather graphs

Wind and interior conditions below:

Wind and interior conditions

Sunlight and overcast index below:

Sunlight graph

Lake Zumbro Conditions ||

These weather charts were generated via a PC from a Lacrosse 2315 weather monitor, and represents a 24 hour history. It shows the most recent values to the right edge of each chart. Historical values back to 2000 have been accumulated

The first graph depicts a 24 hour period of outdoor temperatures (blue line) in degrees Fahrenheit, as well as the barometric pressure (red line) in inches Hg. Vertical dashed lines are spaced every 2 hours apart. The x-axis legend indicates the hours in military time, i.e. 18: is 6pm. Noon and midnight are represented by red and blue dashed vertical lines, respectively. The most recent values for temperature and pressure are shown digitally in the legend below the graph. The second graph, directly below the first, shows the same temperature and pressure variables, but over a 31 day period. Dates are printed under the x-axis at 8 day intervals.

The graphs to the right side of the first panel show humidity (blue) and rain (red) accumulation. Humidity is expressed in percentage relative humidity, and rainfall amounts are in inches. The rainfall amounts shown in digital form are the year to date totals. The x-axis is marked in the same way as the temperature/pressure graph. Similarly, the last 31 days of humidity and rain data are logged in the graph directly below the 24 hour graph.

The wind and interior conditions are shown in the panel directly below the first. The first graph in the upper left corner shows wind speed (blue) in miles per hour, and wind direction, in degrees. 0 degrees and 360 degrees are North, while 90 degrees is East, 180 degrees is Sourth, and 270 degrees is wind out of the West. Monthly wind speeds, but not directions, are shown in the graph below the first, but for a 31 day period.

The indoor temperature (blue) and humidiy (red) are shown in the right side of this panel. The monthly version of this data is plotted directly below the 24 hour version.

The bottom panel depicts sunlight and skylight intensity, with 100 being bright sunlight. The graph y-axis orgin is cut off at 70, so that cloud change effects are highlighted. Minima, maxima and averages are calculated over every 10 minute period. The graph at the bottom depicts the last week of sunlight data.

The charts are captured and uploaded every hour, at the end of each hour.
 Monthly extremes to date are provided in the referenced "Monthly summaries" page.

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