RF German-English Translation Service

Professional Translators specializing in German Genealogy.

Translations of Documents in the Old German Scripts.             

Letters and emigration records.
Birth, baptism, marriage, and death certificates.
Property transfers and powers of attorney.
Academic transcripts and educational certificates.
Military papers.
Community and family histories.
Business communications.
Other items of genealogical interest.
Additional Services and Interests.


Genealogy related correspondence.                   
Transliterations of handwritten documents.

The Expulsion of the German population from the Eastern provinces and the effects on genealogy.

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updated 06/25/03

We are a team of former History and German educators trained in Germany and the US who have learned the Old Script in elementary school, used in in high school, and thereafter in personal communication.
In our 33rd year of deciphering and translating the old scripts we are patronized by translators, genealogists, and private institutions alike.

We work as a team if the level of difficulty demands it, but all work is being reviewed by another specialist to assure the highest level of accuracy. Our fee for deciphering, translation, and transcription is based on the projected time needed for the entire unit.

Please ask for more information about our services, and tell us about your documents.