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A. Stoneware - Black Ash   

A mottled and textured glaze, good for many varieties of evergreens and deciduous trees. Enlarge

B. Stoneware - Green Ash   

A rustic and textured glaze with subtle variations overall. Enlarge

C. Matte - Blue/Green   

A subtle glaze that compliments many deciduous and flowering varieties. Enlarge

D. No name glaze   

A mottled medley of blue, green, cream
and brown (will vary).

E. Stoneware - Plain Unglazed   

A burnt sandy finish with a rich iron rub. Enlarge

F. Stoneware - Dark Unglazed   

The same clay body as "E" mixed with
special black stains.

G. Stone Yellow


H. Smoky Tan Glaze   

A mix of cream, brown and sometimes blue.(will vary). Enlarge

I. Stoney - Tan Glaze   

A mixture of tan, cream and
sometimes blue.(varies).

J. Stoney - Tan Glaze   

Shown here on black clay.

K. Soft Teal Glaze   

A soft teal (varies) Enlarge

L. Olive Rust   

A Mixture of Olive and Rust (varies) Enlarge

M. Orange Rust    

An Orange Rust Glaze (varies) Enlarge