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1c. Bell Shaped Semi Cascade -
Cut Feet   

Shown here in natural slip, clay F. Enlarge

2c. Bowl-Shaped Semi Cascade -
Flat Foot   

Shown here in Combed Slip
light on light.

3c. Basic Cascade - Beaded Foot & Lip

Shown here in Stucco - Dark on Light. Enlarge

4c. Semi-Cascade with Nailhead Design -
Flat Foot   

Shown here in glaze J. (may vary) Enlarge

5c. Concave Semi-Cascade-
Cut Foot   

In combed slip Enlarge

6c. Rounded Square Semi Cascade

Shown here in glaze F

7c. Slant Semi Cascade -
Beaded Lip & Foot   

Shown here in glaze G with Combed Slip design dark on dark. Enlarge

8c. Semi Cascade -
Nailheads and Twisted Feet

Shown here in clay F. Enlarge

9c. Bowl Shaped Semi Cascade   

Shown here in variation of glaze J. Enlarge

10c. Concave Oval with Braided Lip and Foot

Shown here in Teal Blue Enlarge

11c. Bowl Shaped Semi-Cascade with Flat Feet